so excited about her first experience (¬‿¬)


Sorry I haven’t been able to update with anything.

It’s bad news and I am dying;Looks like it’s time to dig a grave for my laptop.He’s… GONE (or should I say GOHN).His duties as a laptop has ended.



[INFO] Topp Dogg’s New Album


According to Enews24, Topp Dogg is currently preparing for their next album, same reason as to why they didn’t appear in Music Shows this week.

Topp Dogg will be composing their songs for the next album and will showcase their composition skills and singing abilities unlike ‘Say It’ which was performance oriented

Meanwhile, for Topp Dogg’s new song, filming for the music video will start next week, after finishing it on schedule, it will be released.

Everyone’s all excited and doing stuff to the camera.And then there’s Jenissi.


gohn jokes are worse than roll like a buffalo jokes

but im never gohn stop

i think im running out of jokes


you could say that my sense of humour is


gohn jokes are so fucking stupid


when are they gohn stop

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